The bearing housings or bushings is the carriage in which bearing is fastened. 

Linear bearings are used in lateral movement.
They are used in forward and backward cyclic movement.
Housing or block provides encloser for the bearings for mounting on rails and shafts.



Types of housing

Linear housing open

Open types Linear Housings are combination of Open Linear Types Linear Bearing and Open ( Cut ) Aluminum Housing.
Housings are generally have four Tapped Holes on top and in Linear Shafts Guidance Systems two Shafts and four Linear Housings are used to make Linear Slide for Linear Smooth Motion.
The sizes are from SC 8, SC 10, SC 12, SC 16, SC20UU, SC25UU, SC 30UU, SC 40UU, SC50UU, SC 60 UU, SC 80UU

Linear housing closed

Closed Housings are Assembly of Closed Aluminum Housing with Linear Bearings Fitted inside. These are generally used with four Housings and four Shaft End Supports to make Linear Slide which Slide smoothly and make Smooth Linear Guidance Systems. These are available sizes HF8UU, HF 10UU, HF 16UU, HF 20UU, HF 25UU, HF 30UU, HF 35UU, HF 40UU, HF 50UU, HF 60UU, HF 80UU

Linear housing with flange

Linear bearing housing with flange , comes with either round or square flange at one end