Bearings enables machines to carry heavy load and move at high speed.
Bearing make device to roll and help in reducing the friction.
Plain bearing consist of surface with no moving components.

Linear bearing is a type of rolling or sliding bearing for linear motion.

Linear bearings are used for translatory motion.
Linear bearings gives precision linear motion on round shafts by using recirculating ball pathways.
Linear bearings help to bear heavy loads with high stiffness and less noise.


The sizes are from SC 8, SC 10, SC 12, SC 16, SC20UU, SC25UU, SC 30UU, SC 40UU, SC50UU, SC 60 UU, SC 80UU


Linear bearings are widely used in machine tools and automobiles for following reasons
1 – To avoid metal surface to metal surface contact between two moving parts in relative motion.
2 – To control wear and tear , heat generation and friction
3 – To reduce power of motor as it replaces high friction sliding motion with low friction rolling